ACC Refs Need to Be Investigated Immediately

Watch the video.

Rigged. The ACC refs in Charlottesville need to be investigated immediately. That was clearly a foul before the clock expired. You have to be legally blind and corrupt to overturn this foul call.

Each of these refs need to be investigated for betting on Virginia. What was the final score, you ask? Virginia 69 Duke 62. What was the spread on the game? Virginia -6. Where is sports betting legal? In Virginia. There needs to be an investigation held immediately. Even if the refs did not bet on the game, they should be suspended after missing a game-deciding call.

All of a sudden you can overturn fouls in college basketball at the end of games??? If you watch the video above, he clearly gets nailed on the body too. The contact clearly happens before the clock expires. There is NO EXCUSE.

Every week I watch ACC basketball, you see how absurdly bad the refs are. Somehow they come up with new ways to be incompetent and terrible at their jobs. I want these refs suspended and investigated immediately. The ACC will probably come out with a half-assed statement saying they got it wrong, but it doesn't matter. College basketball officiating is ruining the sport.