Changes We Need To See in the NBA

The Take Foul

The NBA has already announced they will investigate how they will fix the take foul, which is a positive because it completely disrupts the flow of the game. It's as if a soccer player is breaking free on goal with only one defender left, and the defender fouls him with little to no punishment. It has gotten out of control this season.

Solution: Team gets a free throw and retains possession.

No More Load Management

Kawhi Leonard of the LA Clippers on the bench after playing the first half during a 111-91 Denver Nuggets preseason win at Staples Center on October...
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

The Load Management debacle has reached a breaking point, and this seems to be Silver's number one issue. The regular season is meaningless and pointless to watch about 35% of the time. The fact that they charge an arm and a leg for a lower-level ticket for a Tuesday night against the Kings, but the team's best players are sitting out because they're tired is literal theft by the NBA. We all know near the end of the season, it is acceptable to rest players right before the playoffs for a couple of games when you've already qualified. I also deem it alright if the star player on your team sits out the last couple of games of the regular season if they are out of playoff contention. People should know that if they are buying tickets. But the fact that guys are sitting out national primetime games consistently without punishment is Ludacris. There needs to be immediate action from the commissioner on this one.


Solution: Shorten the season (which will never happen). Another idea pitched by Bill Simmons is that with All-NBA awards, there needs to be a minimum number of minutes hit. A minimum number of games would be plagued by players coming in for a tip-off, intentionally fouling, and then walking off the court.

Less Iso-Ball

I know I will sound like an old man screaming to get off my lawn, but it's gotten to the point where so much of the NBA is "hey, it's your turn." There's a reason that the Golden State Warriors won the title this year. You can make a powerful argument that they are not the most talented team in the league, but they play together. Constant movement off the ball, unselfish play, and they play for each other. Obviously, it helps that the Warriors have the two greatest shooters in the history of the NBA, but they win because they play unselfish basketball. I'm not sure why every shot at the end of NBA games has to be isolation step-back three-pointers. This is also why we see these teams who tank and play G-League players by March because they play hard and play together.

Solution: No real solution to this besides players seeing that the Warriors system works.


Local TV Market Issues

How to Bypass NBA League Pass Blackouts (VPN Workaround)

It is an absolute nightmare with the Local TV right in the NBA. It's beyond infuriating dealing with certain local TV companies with dreadful streaming services. For example, if I live in North Carolina and pay for an NBA League Pass subscription, I'm not allowed to watch the Charlotte Hornets because it's blacked out. Plus, many of these companies with local team rights are only associated with one TV provider, so you're just out of luck if you don't have that provider. This problem only accentuates illegal streaming for people just trying to watch their local NBA team.

Solution: These companies who have local team rights must be on a certain amount of cable, satellite, or streaming providers. If they opened it up to more streaming options, viewership would go up and help fight their battle against illegal streams.


Complaining After Every Single Play

This is another old man screaming to get off my lawn take, but it is out of control.Every single call is immediately combatted with arms flailing and screaming at the ref. There are many instances where a player will stay in the backcourt, complain about a call, and leave their teammates out to dry. Here are a few perfect examples below.





Solution: Obviously, you can't get just T up a guy immediately for questioning a call because some of these calls are egregious. But if a player complains after every single possession after a few times, you must give a tech whether they are a superstar or not. This is probably the least impactful issue in the NBA; it's frustrating for fans to constantly see.