College Basketball Season Should Start With the Champions Classic Again

Yesterday was opening night for college basketball, and it was kind of lame. Yes, there were some fun upsets, with Sam Houston State winning at Oklahoma and Florida State losing to Stetson at home. But there needed to be at least one noteworthy game.

Don’t get me wrong, having college basketball back was fantastic, but opening night should start with the best of the best. We should go back to the Champions Classic opening the college basketball season. Nothing gets you geared up for college basketball more than opening night, Kentucky vs. Michigan State, and Duke vs. Kansas.

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I still watched Duke vs. Jacksonville, BYU vs. Idaho State, Oregon State vs. Tulsa (shoutout the over), and Utah Valley vs. Utah State. Still, it should be similar to opening Tuesday night in the NBA. The NBA does it right (besides the fact they should start the season on Christmas Day, but that’s a blog for another day), and college basketball should follow suit. Open the season with the Champions Classic on a Tuesday after the second Champions Classic game, and then roll in the 24-hour tip-off with some late-night PAC-12 and a 3 am Hawaii game.

Mourning one of ESPN's greatest and craziest ideas: the 24-Hour Tip-Off  Marathon

There it is; I solved opening night in college basketball. I am so excited for college basketball this season and this insane sports month. And since you’ve made it here, why don’t I give you some picks for tonight? Who cares about some stupid midterm election? Let’s watch some MACtion and college basketball, baby!

Picks: All 1 unit plays

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NCAAF: Akron +7
NCAAB: Montana +4

Disclaimer: I forgot to give out my NFL plays on the blog. I only did it on the pod. We will be releasing the full card on next week. NFL/CFB Pod will be out Wednesday afternoon!