How to Bet MACtion: Tuesday, Nov. 1st

Blog Picks: 3-1 (+1.2 units)

NCAAF: 0-0

NFL: 3-1 (+1.2 units)

MACtion is BACK

The Return of MACtion symbolizes a myriad of things for sports fans. Thanksgiving is on the horizon, football season is at its peak, and it is time to start buying Christmas gifts. The MAC is an amazing conference known for missed field goals and an insane amount of turnovers in a short period time, which can make it hard for a bettor to make informed and reliable picks. Join me in the adventure of handicapping midweek college football!

Ticket and Money Splits as of 11/1 (1:15 PM ET) Courtesy of WagerTalk

Ball State @ Kent State (-7) O/U 62

In high school you always had the J.V. game at 5, then Varsity at 7. At least this was what I was told, I was cut my freshman year and never tried out again. This game starts at 7 PM and is a nice warm-up for the Varsity game at 7:30. Maybe I shouldn't be referring to a MAC game as a varsity game, but I digress.

Both of these teams average out for nearly 400 yards of offense per game, and are not penalized often on the offensive side of the ball. Ball State has issues with penalties defensively, so I can see Kent State marching down the field with their run game in addition to the defensive penalties the Cardinals will incur.

Conversely, Kent State's pass defense has been atrocious and the Cardinals have made it clear that they want to attack via the air. Ball State is averaging nearly 40 pass attempts per game, with about 6 yards per pass attempt. I am expecting Kent State to pound the ground and gain 8-yard chunks at a time, while the Cardinals try to air-raid the flashes.

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Official Pick:

Ball State @ Kent State Over 62 (1u)

Buffalo @ Ohio (+3) O/U 60

We are all the way back. Athens happens, OU oh yeah, whatever your slogan is Ohio is back in semi-primetime (ESPN 2 and competing with the World Series). This time they have the Buffalo Bison, a worthy opponent that really isn't mid-American but that is ok.

Ohio has not lived up to their preseason hype, but they are holding their own with a 5-3 record, and the Bulls are carrying the same record. Ohio's offense is polarized, with their passing attack being their strength and their running game being their downfall. Both teams are well-disciplined and rarely penalized, an anomaly for MAC teams. Buffalo falls into the middle of the MAC in offensive passing yards but runs the ball well and often.

The difference maker in this game is going to be defense. Buffalo's pass defense should be enough to contain Ohio, while Ohio's run defense is in the bottom third of the MAC. Ohio's pass defense is also the worst in the MAC, so even though Buffalo has not seen much success in the pass game, this would be a good time to find it.

Quick Hits:

Buffalo forces 0.5 more turnovers per game than Ohio
Buffalo allows 8 fewer first downs than Ohio
Buffalo allows ONE passing touchdown a game

Official Pick:

Buffalo -3 (1u)