Jeopardy! Masters 2023: Wagering on Intelligence

You can not wager on the outcome of Jeopardy! Masters. The show is pre-recorded. The odds are for entertainment purposes only.

On May 8th, 6 of the best Jeopardy! Players gathered to test their wits in a 10-episode intellectual showdown. This iteration of the famous game show features recent stars such as Amy Schneider and Matt Amodio. Andrew He, Sam Buttrey, and Mattea Roach are also featured in this series with James Holzhauer rounding out the cast. Players earn points based on their finishes in each game, and the winner of the final game is declared the Jeopardy! Masters Champion!

Jeopardy! contestants all employ certain strategies that they believe will help them win each game. James has notoriously searched for the daily doubles in an attempt to wager big, while players like Buttrey and Roach tend to wager more conservatively while in pursuit of points. Various approaches have been successful at different points of the game.

Who remains in Jeopardy! Masters?

Sam Buttrey and Amy Schneider were both eliminated after the quarter-finals. They have been awarded $50,000 and $75,000 respectively for their efforts.

There are now 4 contestants left in the competition. How have each of these contestants performed to this point in the Jeopardy! Masters Tournament? Let’s break down each remaining contestant and how they have fared against the competition to this point.

James Holzhauer (-750):

What can I say about James? If you followed the show in 2019, you remember the records that James broke again, and again, and again. James doesn’t only own the record for single-game winnings, but he has the 10 top-scoring single-game entries.

We see more of James’ aggressive wagering practices in Masters, earning over 100,000 points 13 Double Jeopardy! Attempts. Including an impressive 25k point gain from all 3 Daily Doubles on May 8th. He and Buttery are the only 2 players to get 100% of their daily doubles correct. James’ feat is much more impressive when you consider that Sam has only had 2 DD’s.

What about James' Final Jeopardy! Numbers? Is James falling off? Absolutely not. James has had such impressive runs up to FJ!, his opponents couldn't catch up. Because of these, “runaways”, James has been purposefully giving incorrect answers, poking fun at the show's host, Ken Jennings.

James has correctly answered 193 questions, and missed 11. The title is his to lose.

Matt Amodio (+2000):

Amodio has totaled the 3rd most cumulative points and the 2nd most Daily Double points. He possesses very diverse knowledge, but struggles when it’s time for Final Jeopardy!. Matt is the only player that failed to qualify for FJ!, since he had -2000 points going into FJ! On May 12th.

It is worth noting that Matt has the second most points from daily doubles with 34,600. His first-place finishes secured him a spot in the semi-finals as he continues to pursue the Jeopardy! Masters title.

Andrew He (+1850):

Andrew has shown the world that he can give James some issues. He is the only player who has not finished in 3rd in any given match, and on May 9th, he beat out James who wagered it all and lost on FJ!.

On a separate occasion, we were able to see He’s resilience on display. On May 16th, He netted -10000 points on all 3 daily doubles. This would knock most players out of contention, Andrew came back and beat second-place by nearly 4,000 points.

Suspiciously, He has not wagered any points on FJ! In 4 of the 7 games. There does not seem to be a reason for this lack of risk-taking, other than a lack of faith in his opponents' intellectual prowess!

Mattea Roach (+4900):

Oddly enough, Mattea has the least amount of total points out of all 6 contestants. This includes Amy Schneider and Sam Buttrey, who were eliminated at the end of the quarter-finals on May 17th. She has the 2nd highest FJ! Accuracy amongst the contestants, but has a total of -800 net points from FJ!.

Many people would be surprised to see Mattea hoist the Jeopardy! Masters trophy on May 24th, but anything can happen on the Alex Trebek stage!

When Will Jeopardy Masters Air?

The Jeopardy! Masters semi-finals will begin on May 23rd and continue on the 24th. This special will conclude with the finals on 5/25 when a Jeopardy! Master will be crowned!