KarterKast Bowl Bets Competition

If you missed our bowl bet competition episode, go check it out, and you can skip ahead to our picks in the time stamps in the episode description. Each of us takes a 5u, 4u, 3u, 2u, and 1u play in the bowl games. The winner gets a prize/gift card; the loser has to host the Week 18 NFL Preview Pod. Make sure to follow all of us on Twitter; we will also be tweeting out other plays we like in bowl season!

DYLAN’S CARD (@wilkersonadylan)

Look! Snoopy got Money!!! | Snoopy love, Snoopy classroom ...

5u- NMSU/Bowling Green under 47.5
4u- North Texas +10.5
3u- Kansas State +3.5
2u- Texas Tech +3.5
1u- Memphis -7.5

CONNOR’S CARD (@connor_sparrow)

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5u- Clemson -6.5
4u- UConn +10.5
3u- Wake Forest ML
2u- UNC +14
1u- Miami OH/UAB Over 44.5

GRANT’S CARD (@TheRealGrantFa1)

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5u- Georgia 1H -4
4u- Washington +4.5
3u- Utah -2.5
2u- Mississippi State +2
1u- UNC +14

KARTER’S CARD (@karterb8)

Huell Rolling In Money | Know Your Meme

5u- Duke -2
4u- Memphis -7.5
3u- UTSA/Troy over 55.5
2u- UConn/Marshall over 41
1u- NC State ML

Our last College Football PodKast Parlay

Duke -2, Georgia 1H -4, NMSU under 47.5, Clemson -6.5

Let’s have a great bowl season fellas. Good luck!