The Barstool Arizona Bowl Has Changed Sports Broadcasting Forever

If you’re scrolling The Score app and you see Ohio vs. Wyoming, you probably did not care unless you bet on the game or you’re from Cheyanne. Typically, it would’ve been a subpar game with vanilla commentating that does not necessarily add anything to the game. But this game was different. This is how low-level sports needs to be broadcasted.

I know there’s a big stink eye that comes up when you mention Barstool, but whether you care about them or not, they killed it. They changed the game, and this needs to be the norm. Now obviously, you’re not always going to have people as entertaining as Big Cat or Dave Portnoy on the call. But if you have people on the broadcast that genuinely care or even have bets on the game, it will become 10x more entertaining than some random guy calling the game who couldn’t care less being there. Also, having this silly stuff like Jersey Jerry picking up the tees is harmless yet, hilarious.

This broadcast is how the future of low-level sports broadcasting will be. Eventually, other companies will see these Barstool streams getting much higher viewership numbers, and they will follow suit. For years, there have been tons of Twitch/YouTube streams for watch-alongs, and now ESPN has its own versions with the Manning Cast and Pat McAfee's College Football watch-along. This will eventually become the norm and especially in low-level games.

Bill Cowher Highlights Steelers/Browns Manning Cast Lineup - Steelers Depot

At the end of the day, this is way more entertaining than some boring broadcast on a big network that barely cares about the game. High-level sporting events won’t have to change because people will care about them no matter what, but how do you get people to watch a UNCG vs. Winthrop 2 PM tip? By creating an entertaining, authentic broadcast where ultimately, people tune in to hear the commentators rather than the game. This is just the beginning, and gradually we will see this more and more on sports broadcasts. Huge props to everyone at Barstool for taking a chance and trying something different. Eventually, everyone will follow suit over time.