The Proprietary Wilkerson Ratings: Top 10 Edition Week 9

The Final Ratings Going into Week 9

Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Week 9 Wilkerson ratings. What do all of these things have in common? Great finales. As I cover the ten best teams in the NFL, keep in mind that these are dynamic and will be changing every week. As more data comes in, the more accurate the ratings will become. Catch the other rating tiers here and here. With that being said, let's get started!

  1. New England Patriots

The Patriots have had a less than stellar start to the season, going 4-4 through 8 games. However, I have them this high due to their elevated discipline and coaching. Go figure, right? This defense is giving up the least amount of penalty yards in the league, and the fact that Zappe and Jones make no difference in this offensive scheme helps them out in my eyes. This is a good team that may just miss the playoffs, but only because they play in the AFC and not the NFC.

  1. San Francisco 49ers

I have not been a fan of the 49ers, and this feeling spans about 4 years. I think they have consistently been overhyped, and this is mostly due to their QB situation. Jimmy G is not a QB that will go out and win you a game. I still stand by that! However, the addition of Christian McCaffrey revitalizes this offense. You now have a Taysom Hill-esque player that can do anything on the football field. Their defense is good, as it always has been. Not to mention... Karter burned me once on the 49ers. Maybe I am wrong about this team.

  1. New York Jets

I expect to see some regression here in the coming weeks. The Jets have the Bills on deck, which will surely dampen the computers perspective of this team. Riddled by injuries, the Jets aren't completely out of it, but things are looking bleak. Their defense is still top tier, but playing in one of the top divisions in the NFL will not do this team any favors.

  1. Minnesota Vikings

My brother and dad are huge Vikings fans, and their love for this team has flooded over into my perception of them. I am on record as saying that this offense is a top-3 offense. You can check out that take and many more in this week's pick'em episode. Their defense does enough to keep them competitive enough where they can make a run to win the NFC. By the way does anyone remember Kirk's all-star weekend performance from this past February?

  1. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals have not looked great without the presence of Ja'Marr Chase. Tyler Boyd and Tee Higging have seen an increase in target share, and they have yet to disappoint. The Bengals are struggling to get their run game going, and their offensive line is still permeable. I am confident that the run can get going similar to how it did last year, offensive line... we will see.

  1. Dallas Cowboys

This defensive unit is my frontrunner for best defensive unit in the league. They lead the league in QB pressures and sacks, and they have 7 more sacks than the second ranked team. Their offense gets them by and the resurgence of Dak only raises this teams ceiling.

  1. Baltimore Ravens

This is an accurate rating of this team to this point. I am anxious to evaluate their performance with the news of Bateman being out for the season. Their defense could use some work, but they have the highest operating dual-threat quarterback in the NFL. If they get their 4th quarter woes under control they could find themselves even higher on this list.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs

I don't have much to say here, the Chiefs just keep on Chiefing. Their defense can be a little suspect at time, that will be something I keep my eye on over the next couple of weeks. Look out for those Titans...

  1. Philadelphia Eagles

This team has emerged as a frontrunner for the NFC East, a division that most people thought the Cowboys would be a lock to win. Their run defense is their biggest downfall, but that has clearly been manageable as they remain the lone undefeated team.

  1. Buffalo Bills

No explanation needed here.

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