The Squarest World Cup Bet That Will Hit

I come to you bringing the squarest World Cup bet that will hit! This will be short and sweet. I see little value with these games today regarding money lines or spreads. I lean over in the Brazil-Croatia match because this Croatian defense can’t keep up with Brazil’s insane attack. I have nothing in the Argentina vs. Netherlands match besides a huge rooting interest in Lionel Messi.

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“Just give us the pick already.”

Alright, alright, the pick is a 3-leg parlay, Neymar, Vini Jr., and Messi to have at least 1 shot on target. It comes out to +108. You only have to worry about Vini Jr., but he has gotten one in every match in this World Cup, plus Brazil should absolutely dominate this match.

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If you want to get spicy, I would play a little half-unit on these three fellas to score a goal that pays out almost 13/1. If you’re looking to play something on these matches, I will wait to live bet in these and try and get a feel for how the game is going. If it is still the 30th minute and Brazil hasn’t scored yet, getting them at plus odds to win the first half is a solid play.


Square Play: Vini Jr., Neymar, and Messi to have at least 1 shot on goal +108
Spicy play: Vini Jr., Neymar, and Messi to each score a goal +1283
Lean: Brazil/Croatia over 2.5