We Need Early Weekday NBA Games

If you've read my articles, you know I have no love for baseball, but there is one thing the MLB does right. They will schedule a couple of baseball games during the day on weekdays to have us all something to watch while at work or early on our day off. The problem is that who wants to watch a whole baseball game outside of the playoffs? Part of the excitement of March Madness is that we get day games on Thursday and Friday for both the conference tournaments and the NCAA tournament. So why don't we get day games for NBA?

I've found that there is only one guaranteed day out of the NBA season that plays some NBA games early on a weekday, which is on MLK's birthday. This is a federal holiday, so most of us are out of work and school anyway. I appreciate the NBA giving us something to watch (bet) early in the day, but this needs to be more regular throughout the season. It's also why the first day of the first round of the NBA playoffs is some of the most exciting when we get that first tipoff at noon eastern time on Saturday. If you're on the pacific time like myself, imagine having basketball games from early morning until the evening before going to bed, it'd be fantastic to have that amount of entertainment throughout the day. 

(Reid Kelley/NBAE via Getty Images)

This is relatively easy to implement. Let's split it into slates. I'll give some leniency by having the earliest game starting as early as 1 pm eastern time. The hosting team must be based out of the eastern or central timezone, but the visiting team can be from anywhere. The second slated game can host from anywhere, and that game would tip off at 4 pm eastern time, just in time for the kids coming home from school (on the east coast). Now that those two earlier games have finished, we can go back to how it currently is and have the rest of the games start as they usually do. I'll even throw the team a bone where because they are playing an early game, it would be a requirement not to schedule a game the day before, so they have the chance to rest up as much as possible fully. I think they need to eliminate back-to-back games entirely and even shorten the regular season to 58 games, but that's another article for another time. But, how nice would it be for everyone to have a game on throughout the day to watch and not have to wait until later in the evening, especially for those on the east coast having to wait until 7 pm for the first tipoff? 

How does anyone say no to this? I'd bet even the players would sign off on this knowing they can knock a game out early to spend more of their evening at the Spearmint Rhino. Plus, these early weekday games would receive the national broadcast audience on NBA TV, so they'd get more exposure than being forced behind the NBA league pass window. It can be something other than the premiere teams of the league too. I'd totally watch a Thunder vs. Pacers game during my day shift at work. As fun as it was to write this article and play around with this idea, Unfortunately, the only way something like this would happen is if it got implemented into the new CBA after the 2023-2024 season. Still, I doubt anyone there is smart enough has come up with this proposal.  

(The Sporting News/Yash Matange)