2022 NBA Draft Reaction, Kyrie and KD Trade Talks, Hornets Make No Sense

We record live right after the first round of the 2022 NBA Draft. We react to Duke's Paolo Banchero going first overall and go through the picks and debate what teams we thought did well or did poorly in this draft. We also discuss the confusion of the countless trades during the draft, what they can do to improve the coverage of the NBA Draft, and more. We discuss the Hornet's blunder by trading the 13th pick for a Denver 2023 first-round pick and four second-round picks. We close by talking about the news Kyrie Irving is looking to leave the Nets and what should happen next. Make sure to subscribe and check out Karterkast.com! Instagram: @KarterKast Twitter: @KarterKast @Karterb8 @Connor_Sparrow TikTok: @KarterKast