Banchero Is ROTY, LeBron to Own and Play For New Vegas Team? Nash Fired, Warriors Rough Patch, and Mini-CBB Preview

We are back getting into Basketball season! We begin talking about how Paolo Banchero is already the Rookie of the Year. We talk about the Pelicans being solid, the Warriors struggling, the Bucks dominating the league, Cavs are for real, the Clippers having the same sketchy injury issues, Lakers dysfunction, LeBron to possibly own and play for the new Vegas team, Steve Nash fired by Nets, and of course Hornets talk. We get into a mini College Basketball preview talking about UNC and Duke and then discussing ACC Futures and touching on other College Basketball topics. Subscribe to the channel, appreciate you! #duke #lebron #nba #sports #unc #warriors #stephcurry Time Stamps: Paolo Banchero: (2:50) Pelicans: (7:38) Warriors: (10:18) Bucks: (18:08) Cavs: (19:26) Same Ol Clippers: (21:53) Lakers: (24:13) NBA Expansion (25:34) Nash Fired: (25:34) Hornets: (28:48) UNC (29:47) Duke: (36:42) ACC Futures: (42:26) College B-Ball Stuff: (43:53) Social Media: Action Network: @KarterKast @wilkersonadylan @connorsparrow Twitter: @KarterKast @Karterb8 @Connor_Sparrow @wilkersonadylan @TheRealGrantFa1 Instagram: @KarterKast TikTok: @KarterKast