CFB Playoff is Set! Lions Favored Against the 10-2 Vikings?? NFL Week 14 Preview and Picks

We have the four-man crew for today's show! We begin the show recapping our weekend which went great for some and horrendous for others. We discuss the College Football Playoff, Heisman snubs, and discuss our bowl bet competition! In the NFL, we preview every game this NFL weekend and then we give our favorite picks and make an NFL PodKast Parlay to close the show. Make sure to check out all of our interviews and clips on! #nfl #collegefootball #sports #sportsbetting Time Stamps Weekend Recap: (2:18) CFP is set: (10:46) Heisman Snubs: (20:54) Bowl Bet Competition: (27:02) Raiders vs. Rams (30:50) Vikings vs. Lions: (34:50) Browns vs. Bengals (39:48)​ Eagles vs. Giants: (45:41) Jets vs. Bills: (45:33) Ravens vs. Steelers: (50:00) Titans vs. Jags: (53:02) Cowboys vs. Texans: (57:35) Chiefs vs. Broncos: (1:01:03) Panthers vs. Seahawks: (1:03:24) Bucs vs. 49ers: (1:10:16) Dolphins vs. Chargers: (1:14:01) Patriots vs. Cardinals: (1:16:16) NFL Parlay: (1:18:13) Social Media: Twitter: @karterb8 @karterkast @connor_sparrow @wilkersonadylan @therealgrantfarley Instagram: @karterkast TikTok: @karterkast