Evan Kent From The Crown Club On All Things Charlotte Hornets And NFL Draft First Round Recap

We have Evan Kent (@EvanKent13) the founder of The Crown Club (@CrownClubCLT) which is a supporters group for the Charlotte Hornets. They do tailgates, road trips, merchandise, and a ton of awesome things with the Charlotte Hornets, and go to their website below if you want to join. We talk everything Charlotte Hornets with him, how the Crown Club got started, Borrego firing, the next head coach, and offseason moves the Hornets need to make (2:10-31:55). Then, we have our man Grant back on the show and we do a live reaction immediately after the first round of the NFL Draft (32:15). We go through all the picks and discuss what moves we like and moves we did not like. Make sure to check out this full video podcast on karterkast.com! Crown Club Website: crownclubclt.com