Good Bad Teams in the NBA, Lakers Stink, Warriors in Trouble? Pelicans Are Good, NBA-All Washed Team

We are back diving deep into this early NBA season! We begin talking about how the bad teams like the Jazz and Spurs are good??? We get into the dysfunctional Lakers, we discuss whether the Warriors are in trouble, little Blazers talk, and a new segment where if we could, which NBA Win totals picks would be back out of. We get into a slow-start for the Nuggets, discuss the Suns being a solid regular season team, the same ol' Clippers, Pelicans are legit, and will Giannis win MVP again? Donovan Mitchell being a stud for the Cavs, T-Wolves and their chemistry issues, should we hit the panic button on the 76ers? And of course we talk about the Hornets and we do our NBA All Washed Team! Let us know who we missed on the team. We close off today's show with a KarterKast update!! Subscribe to the channel, appreciate you! #lakers #lebron #nba #sports Time Stamps: Good Bad Teams: (1:43) Lakers Stink: (8:36) LeBron: (12:12) Warriors in Trouble?: (15:20) Blazers: (19:30) NBA Win Totals Regret: (20:11) Nuggets: (21:49) Suns Good? (22:31) Clippers: (23:48) Pelicans: (26:40) Giannis MVP? (32:08) Donovan Mitchell: (33:08) T-Wolves: (33:08) 76ers: (35:26) Hornets: (37:41) All-NBA Washed Team: (45:02) KarterKast Update: (49:30) Social Media: Action Network: @KarterKast @wilkersonadylan @connorsparrow Twitter: @KarterKast @Karterb8 @Connor_Sparrow @wilkersonadylan @TheRealGrantFa1 Instagram: @KarterKast TikTok: @KarterKast