Lincoln Riley Goes To USC, Michigan over Ohio State, Are The Pats The Best Team In The NFL?, Panthers Rant, And More

We have an electric show this week, we have Grant Farley (@TheRealGrantFa1) Connor Sparrow (@connor_sparrow) and from First Team Second String (@ftsspodcast) Bryan Valladares (alonso_bry) on our college football and NFL recap show! We get into everything, we talk about the 49ers big win over the Vikings, obviously a Panthers rant, are the Pats the best team in the NFL?, and a ton more! In College Football, we talk about Lincoln Riley's insane new contract at USC, Michigan finally beating Ohio State, Bama Georgia preview, and we have a live reaction to Brian Kelly going to LSU. Make sure to subscribe, rate, and review! Make sure to check out First Team Second String Podcast!