Luka Already MVP? Jazz Are Somehow Still Good, Warriors Issues, and College Basketball Feast Week

We do our NBA and College Basketball Pod! We begin the show by praising the number one seed in the Western Conference, the Utah Jazz. We then get into the Warriors issues, discuss the wild season Luka Doncic is having, the Kings are solid, and we play Who Would You Rather Have? We close the show with a college basketball segment! Make sure to check out for blogs, picks, clips, and full episodes! Y'all are the best, thank you for listening!! Time Stamps: Jazz still good: (3:01) Warriors Problems: (9:32) Luka MVP: (17:31) Kings: (20:41) Who you want?: (22:46) College Basketball: (31:50) Social Media: Twitter: @KarterKast @karterb8 @connor_sparrow Instagram: @KarterKast TikTok: @KarterKast