NBA PLAYOFFS - Round 2 Recap, Conference Finals Preview, and NBA Draft Lottery

we are BACK! Karter and Connor recap all the implications of round 2 and discuss the future for teams like Golden State and Philly, they preview the Conference Finals and give picks, Finals Picks, and then discuss Tuesday night's NBA Draft Lottery. Time stamps are below and don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review. Check out articles and full video episodes on as well!! #lebronjames #nba #sports Time Stamps: 76ers vs. Celtics: (1:24) Warriors Mess: (19:20) Suns Situation: (28:24) Lakers vs. Nuggets: (35:47) Celtics vs. Heat: (45:35) NBA Finals Pick: (53:47) NBA Draft Lottery: (55:07) Social Media: Twitter: @karterb8 @connor_sparrow @karterkast Instagram: @karterkast TikTok: @karterkast YouTube: KarterKast Hosts: Karter Baughan and Connor Sparrow