NBA Western Conference Win Totals

We have our annual NBA Win Totals Podcast!! We go through every NBA team and decide whether they will go over or under their projected win total. We start at the top and finish at the bottom in each conference. Make sure like and subscribe! Check out articles and picks on! Time Stamps: Suns: (0:58) Clippers: (1:49) Warriors: (3:43) Nuggets: (5:54) Grizzlies: (8:28) Timberwolves: (10:22) Mavs: (12:56) Lakers: (14:39) Pelicans: (17:48) Trail Blazers: (20:58) Kings: (22:38) Jazz: (23:46) Thunder: (26:32) Rockets: (29:03) Spurs: (29:46) Futures and Finals Picks: (32:10) Social Media: Twitter: @KarterKast @Karterb8 @connor_sparrow Instagram: @Karterkast TikTok: @karterkast