Steph's Legacy Ranking, Warriors Win The Title, NBA Draft Talk With Adam Stanco

We have our guy Adam Stanco (@NaismithLives) on the show! We begin the show by talking about his new position and the future of 247Sports. Then we get into the Warriors winning their 4th title in 8 years and recap the finals and what's next for Tatum and the Warriors. We discuss Steph's legacy ranking, where does he land overall? Whether or not he is a top 10 player all-time. Then we do a dive into the NBA Draft and discuss who we believe should go one, our favorite players in the drafts, busts, and sleepers. We close the podcast with us discussing the Hornets blunder of a weekend with Kenny Atkinson agreeing to the job and then backing out after the finals. Make sure to check out! Instagram: @KarterKast Twitter: @karterkast @karterb8 @connor_sparrow TikTok: @KarterKast