Super Bowl Recap, Patrick Mahomes Legacy, Hurts or Lamar, and 2024 Super Bowl Odds

We have the four-man crew for today's show! We recap the Chiefs vs. Eagles Super Bowl! We talk about how our bets went, Mahomes legacy, what's next for the Eagles? and 2024 Super Bowl odds. Make sure to subscribe and check out all of our interviews and clips on! #nfl #sports #football Time Stamps: Super Bowl Recap: (0:24) Mahomes Legacy: (15:38) Eagles Next Season: (17:04) 2024 Super Bowl: (20:01) Football is Over: (25:04) Social Media: Twitter: @karterb8 @karterkast @connor_sparrow @wilkersonadylan @therealgrantfarley Instagram: @karterkast TikTok: @karterkast